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Issue 12

Whitman and the Visual Arts


Introduction by Geoffrey Sill


Table of Contents

  • Philip Dacey – “Thomas Eakins: The Secret Whitman Sitting”
  • Jack Lindeman – “Two Portraits”
  • Editor’s Note
  • Roger Asselineau – Oreste F. Pucciani, The Literary Reputation of Walt Whitman in France
  • Ed Folsom – Betsy Erikka, Whitman the Political Poet
  • Roberts W. French – Thomas B. Byers, What I Cannot Say: Self, Word, and World in Whitman, Stevens, and Merwin
  • Susan Heroy – Timothy Russell, In Dubio
  • Donald Kummings – M. Jimmie Killingsworth, Whitman’s Poetry of the Body: Sexuality, Politics, and the Text
  • Mary Oliver – May Swenson, In Other Words
  • Jon Rossman – Allen Ginsberg, White Shroud
  • Robert J. Scholnick – Kerry C. Larson, Whitman’s Drama of Consensus

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“Thomas Eakins: The Secret Whitman Sitting” previously appeared in The Hudson Review (Autumn, 1988). Used by permission.

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