Crossing Brooklyn Ferry and Other Poems [Album]

James SchminckeUncategorized

Released 1969

Read by Ed Begley

Side One | Listen

  1. Crossing Brooklyn Ferry
  2. Song of Myself, section 26
  3. I Sing the Body Electric, section 3 (from Children of Adam)
  4. No Labor-Saving Machine (from Calamus)
  5. By Blue Ontario’s Shore, section 17

Side Two | Listen

  1. Pioneers! O Pioneers! (from Birds of Passage)
  2. A Song of the Rolling Earth, sections 1-4
  3. The World Below the Brine (from Sea-Drift)
  4. After the Sea-Ship (from Sea-Drift)
  5. A Clear Midnight (from From Noon to Starry Night)
  6. Now Finale to the Shore (from Songs of Parting)

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