Walt Whitman Speaks For Himself [Album]

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Released 1955

Read by Arnold Moss

From the MSR Archives

Leaves of Grass [Album]

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Released 1943

Read by Ralph Bellemy

Side One | Listen
To a Certain Civilian
I Think I Could Turn and Live with Animals
To the Man-of-War Bird
For You O Democracy

Side Two | Listen
Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field One Night
Long, Too Long America
Over the Carnage Rose Prophetic a Voice

Side Three | Listen
O Star of France
To a Foil’d European Revolutionaire

Side Four | Listen
A Broadway Pageant

Side Five | Listen
Years of the Modern
I Was Looking a Long While
Passage to India

Side Six | Listen
By Blue Ontario’s Shore

Side Seven | Listen
So Long!

Side Eight | Listen
Song of the Open Road

From the MSR Archives